Look into standardized test requirements.

Of the 243 ranked online MBA programs that submitted information about their testing policy to U.S. News in an annual survey, 120 require applicants to submit their scores on either the GMAT or GRE. An additional 16 programs require that applicants submit GMAT results. Many online business schools allow applicants to waive testing requirements if they have a certain amount of work experience or a high college GPA; some online MBA programs that technically require exams give testing waivers to a majority of applicants.

Still, 107 ranked online MBA programs reported that they require neither a GMAT nor a GRE test score from applicants. Here are the top 11 test-optional online MBA programs, including ties.

The Best Online MBA Programs, No GMAT Required

Some of the best business schools offer an online MBA, no GMAT required. Not long ago, getting into a top business school meant studying for months to prepare for the Graduate Management Aptitude Test (GMAT). Similar to how undergraduate admissions departments use the SAT, the GMAT provides graduate programs with a broad picture of a candidate’s academic strengths. The exam tests an applicant’s ability to reason, solve quantitative problems, and understand communication. The exam takes more than three hours to complete, and typically requires a great deal of studying.

Featured Online Schools

Some candidates achieve poor scores due to the standardized test format. Those returning to school after several years away may struggle to remember materials covered on the exam, and working professionals are often too busy to fit lengthy study sessions into full schedules.

Fortunately, you can still enroll in an excellent online MBA program without sitting for the GMAT. Many of the nation’s finest business schools—including Harvard, Stanford, and all of the colleges included in our ranking below — no longer include GMAT scores in their admissions requirements. This gives students plenty of opportunities to enroll in online MBA programs, no GMAT required.

Many colleges and universities have dropped the GMAT requirement, and many more are following suit. We also have you covered if you’d like to see the best online MBA programs that require GMAT scores. Otherwise, read on.